Wednesday, June 18, 2014


illustration by Kris Atomic

Yesterday I was walking in a boulevard and saw these girls(standing next to boys near the restaurant) in party dresses, with high heels, tons of make-up probably worn for the first time, and hair up-do’s sprayed till becoming heavy-weight to last longer. I walked past them and thought “Did I too look that ridiculous 5 years ago?” The truth is I did, I acted exactly the same with only exception which is wearing sandals instead of the heels.

I remember wanting to have just plain straightened hair, but my mom insisted on putting them up so I ended up looking like the half of my classmates (classmate girls, not boys thank god). And I remember walking 12km to find a dress. I know this because at that time I had Sony Ericsson Walkman, which counted total amount of steps taken throughout the day and transferred them into kilometers. Trust me that is a lot of walking to do during one day and the fact that the dress(although the local designer one) did not fully live up to my expectations made it worse.

What I want to say is that if you are graduating or will graduate in the future, wear whatever the heck you want to wear on the prom, be it ripped jeans and sneakers or an astronaut costume. Or maybe stay away from astronaut outfit, cause it will be hard to pee whilst wearing that.

Guys, just be you. Dress the way you want to dress, do the hair the way you want to do it and wear make-up if you want to, everything is good as long as it’s you, expression of your inner self.

And now that you’re ready, go and dance your arse off. Dance if you will miss the time spent at school and make that night the most memorable. Real friendship remains through years and you’ll have more happy days together to come in the future. And dance if your time being at school was the worst, because you will never have to experience that again and you might as well celebrate the start of a new life.

In both cases remember “everything will be ok in the end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end”..I’d like to believe in that, do you?